Who we are?

The Baltic-Singapore Chamber of Commerce is a communication project, created to increase awareness in Singapore of the business opportunities available in the Baltics and to introduce the northern European Baltic States to the region of Southeast Asia.

We believe that the Baltics – with their singapore-1092810growing markets, favourable business climates, highly qualified talent pools – and Asian scientific and business leader Singapore can be great partners. The small Baltic countries can learn a lot from considerable experience of tiny Singapore and at the same time offer any things to the Asian business community.

We want to bring the Baltic States and Singapore together by providing information, creating networking opportunities and promoting social and cultural exchange. The project aims to strengthen economic cooperation between the Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia – and Singapore.

Stories in the Spotlight

We are glad to present you with informative stories about our participants. Learn about living in, studying, starting or developing a business in Singapore and Lithuania.

“I think Sandy-limingapore has two important business rules. One is the transparency and another is good governance.” Watch the interview, learn more about differences between businesses in Asia and Europe and get valuable business recommendations!
Andy LimThe Honorary Consul of Lithuania in Singapore Singapore

Facts & Figures